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Castile Soap

Castile soap is one of the earliest types of soap, traditionally made with water and olive oil only. We have replaced the water with fresh goats milk, to produce the ultimate skin care soap, for the most delicate and sensitive of skins.We have received great feedback about this soap, from people with severe skin conditions.

Chemical free, 100% natural soap.



What our customers are saying about this product...

For many years I thought that I had found the perfect combination to ease my daughter's suffering from eczema. She would constantly be there scratching away making it worse. For the past 6 years I had been using an oil based soap which they last year took off the market leaving me with absolutely nothing (or so I thought) to use on her. So we once again braved normal soap. The outcome was absolutely horrendous in a matter of days which left us back at square one again. At the Royal Easter Show we were walking through the goats section my daughter having a wonderful time. I glanced and saw a stall where I met Colin. After a long chat with Colin and the benefits he told me of I decided to buy $30 of it for us and my other relatives to try. Now my daughter suffers a life threatening anaphylaxis to peanuts and nut allergy. It was not until I got home I looked at the ingredients of the soap and coconut oil was present and this causes a reaction in her. So one evening I took the plunge and contacted Diane via telephone. After an extremely lengthy conversation Diane advised me that she was willing to try and make some soap with very basic ingredients of only goats milk and olive oil. After only one use, the difference was remarkable. A week passed, I hardly recognised my daughter's skin. It felt as soft as a baby's skin. Her constant itching had gone. There was not a single sign of any dry skin on her body the horrendous patches she had were no longer an issue. Absolutely amazing! We are the converted into the use of goats milk soap. I would never consider using anything else ever again. I have also converted my family members and friends to use other Ellacoldi products with pleasing and positive results for them. Anybody who is prepared to listen to me and our experience I will tell and invite them to give it a go! I have no doubt that for as long as Ellacoldi will be making soap I will be one of their most loyal customers.

Danielle Bourke