10th Apr 2017

Roxy was born right on dark, in late October 2015.

We quickly wiped her and her brother down and put them in a warm shed with their mum.

Next morning I checked them and both were fine. A couple of hours later I checked again and Roxy was flyblown. Her mum and her brother were fine. She is the only goat that we have ever had this happen to. We don’t get much rain or humidity here, so we don’t have many flies. Weather at the time was wet, humid and quite warm during the day. Ideal conditions for flies.

I decided to try and save her.  Vets were closed, as it was a weekend. Her chances didn’t look good. I decided to try a few different things, as she was going to die if I left her. I got a plastic 3ml syringe and injected warm water up her internal cavities. This flushed her out. I did this  regularly over the next few days. She did get diarrhoea for a couple of days, but recovered quickly, with no adverse side effects.

She couldn’t be put back with her mum, as I decided to keep her inside away from flies, in case she became reinfested. I found a large cardboard box and made her up a bed inside my workshop. I had to feed her from a baby bottle as she was only 24 hours old. This meant night feeds. I can tell you, it is hard to get up in during the night, for a couple of weeks, to feed a goat!! I had to be patient as she learnt to suck off a baby bottle.

Well, she thrived. Pretty soon she was taller than the cardboard box. She would stick her head through the gap at the top when she heard me coming. Soon she started running around the workshop. I’d lock up the dogs and let her outside for short periods. She would stand at the door and cry for me. Soon she was running after me. She wouldn’t let me out of her sight. She thought I was her mother.

Eventually we put her down in our kids yard. She has grown into a beautiful goat. She is super placid. She still comes running when she sees me and she loves her morning cuddles.

I put Christmas ears on her and tinsel around her neck at Christmas time. She loved it and posed for the camera. She is one super cool, well loved goat!

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