Natural Dog Soap Products

16th Jan 2018

Have you heard that Ellacoldi Goat’s Milk Soap have extended their range due to customer demand to include a range of Dog soap products? Your dog will love you for giving our goat’s milk products a go.

Ellacoldi proudly offer three excellent products to care for your canine friends with sensitive skin. Happy customers report that their dogs no longer itch and they no longer have expensive vet bills to treat rashes and skin conditions caused by harmful chemicals in dog shampoos.

Goat’s milk soap is gentle on sensitive skins. At Ellacoldi we carefully research and formulate our own soaps, making each small, handmade batch from scratch to guarantee freshness and quality. There is no supermarket milk or powdered milk used. Goat’s milk soap moisturises the skin, and also provides the benefits of protein, minerals, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins A and B. Our products are free from SLS (a foaming agent), synthetic fragrant oils and parabens (preservatives).

Goats Milk Dog Shampoo

First up is our Dog Shampoo which is 99.3% natural, containing Neem oil to help deter fleas and Jojoba Oil to assist with skin problems. For people who want their dogs to smell nice. 

Dog Soap Sensitive Skin

You could try a bar of Dog Soap, which is unscented, and contains Neem oil, chosen for its insecticidal and anti-bacterial properties for flea control. It is important to use a correctly formulated soap for animals due to their different pH to humans. This is the product that is really making a difference for dogs with sensitive skin. 

Dog Conditioning Mist

Our Dog Conditioning Mist pampers your pet, or helps to keep doggy smells at bay, whichever comes first! For long-haired pets, this product detangles the coat. Dog Conditioning Mist is a moisturiser, deters fleas and gives the coat lustre and sheen.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying our Goat’s Milk Products.

Natural Dog Soap Products