15th Jun 2017

Not a goat but thinks he is.

Our Ellacoldi cat is now 12 1/2 years old. We have had him since he was a few weeks old. He has no fear! As a tiny little kitten, he once snuck out the laundry door and I found him lying up against my German Shepherd at the time. My dog used to chase all the cats and I thought Meeko was dead. He was just relaxing up against the dog and the dog never touched him!

He has continued to show no fear of dogs or goats. He welcomes new dogs by going straight up to them and when they sniff him, he hooks them! They always are extra careful around him. He used to wait for poor old Cougar to reach the top step and them lunge at him. He also used to jump out from behind the lounge and grab Cougar around the neck and hang off him. Cougar is so laid back that he would just keep walking with the cat dangling off him.

He walks past the goats without a care in the world. We have only ever had 2 goats that disliked him. One gentle old goat couldn’t stand him and she head butted him into the shed wall when he was little. Another goat used to chase him. Funny thing is, he was able to pick those two goats out of the herd straight away and he would give them a wide berth.

He loves the goat kids and when I bottle feed he sits on the fence and watches. He follows me around every morning, even when it is freezing cold like this morning! His favourite position is high up on the fence post. I call him “the Supervisor” As I go past the fence post he will often bend down and hook me.

He walks down to the milking shed with me every morning. Sometimes he runs. He has frightened me a few times in summer, when I’ve   heard a rustling behind me. I have often thought it was a snake. He demands his milk, before I have even finished milking.

When we got our new German Shepherd last year I tried to take a photo outside and it was a really hot day. The dogs all managed to lie down, so I was able to get them all in the photo. I was concentrating on getting them all in and it wasn’t until I took the photo,  that I realised that Meeko was in it.

He grabs my chair next to the fire. He is so quick! He struts out of a morning and walks between 3 big German Shepherds. He is the Boss!

He sleeps inside and has done for quite a few years. He cost me a fortune in vet fee’s. He tackles any other animal that steps foot on our place. His last endeavour caused his face to blow up and a touch and go surgery at the vets, plus a big bill!

I remember Colin left for town one morning, only to return a few minutes later with Meeko. He had snuck in the van and gone to sleep.

He is let out of a morning and can come back with a rabbit in less than 15 mins. We have no idea where he gets them from, as we haven’t seen any in our paddocks for years. He is still an excellent mouse catcher.

He is a much loved Ellacoldi family member. He is on my chair next to the fire as I write this. It is still only 10C at 4pm, so I don’t blame him for stealing my chair!

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