Goats Milk Dog Shampoo

20th Jan 2016

I've just finished diluting one of a few very large batches of our Goats Milk Dog Shampoo. We do not use any pre-made bases here at Ellacoldi. Everything made here is made from scratch using my own recipes. It is a slow process, but we feel it is worth doing. This Goats Milk Dog Shampoo is proving to be very popular for dogs that have sensitive skins. Our Dog Shampoo is 99.3% natural. We do use a preservative, as it contains goats milk from our herd.

There is NO SLS. NO synthetic Fragrant Oils, NO Parabens.

Our Dog Shampoo is gentle on your dogs skin. All the oils in our Dog Shampoo have been hand picked to help with itchy, dry and problem skins.

This shampoo will leave the dogs coat soft and shiny without the use of excessive chemicals.

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Goats Milk Dog Shampoo

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