Family Owned and Run

12th Sep 2018

Ellacoldi is a small, family owned and run business located on the outskirts of Tamworth, NSW Australia.

We run a herd of pureblood, registered Saanen dairy goats, that supply all our fresh, raw milk for our products. Our goats are milked twice a day, rain, hail or shine.

Our Goats Milk Soap is made by hand in small batches for ultimate freshness and quality. It is handcrafted so no two bars are exactly alike.

We do everything ourselves. We breed the goats, milk the goats and Diane makes the soap and all our products from scratch using her own recipes.

Ellacoldi Goats Milk Soap is gentle and highly recommended for all ages and all skin types. Goats Milk Soap is often recommended for people suffering from skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Acne. Our soap is gentle even on the most sensitive skin types.

Our Goats Milk Soap not only moisturises but also adds protein, minerals, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins A & B to your skin. It is high in selenium which is a good antioxidant for the skin. Lactic acid in soap acts as a natural exfoliant and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

All Ellacoldi soaps are 100% natural. We decided that we would not use synthetic fragrant oils or synthetic colours. We only use essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. All our soaps contain 100% raw goats milk. Making them gentle and highly recommended for all ages and all skin types.

Colin sells our soap at markets every weekend from the Central Coast, Newcastle and Tamworth. We also do wholesale, internet orders, export and private label soap for other companies.

In Australia, soap makers need to be registered with NICNAS to legally sell their handmade soap. Our registration number is 10006.

Our mission statement is: "To provide the BEST Natural Goats Milk Soap in the marketplace."

By buying our products you are supporting a family owned, family run business.

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