Goats Milk Soap

  • Ellacoldi Goats Milk Soap is gentle and highly recommended for all ages and all skin types.
  • Milk is obtained from our own dairy goats. We milk on our farm twice daily.
  • Our Goats Milk Soap not only moisturises but also adds protein, minerals, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins A & B to your skin. It is high in selenium which is a good antioxidant for the skin. Lactic acid in soap acts as a natural exfoliant and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  • Our Goats Milk Soap is made by hand in small batches for ultimate freshness and quality. It is handcrafted so no two bars are exactly alike.
  • Ellacoldi soap contains no synthetic fragrant oil, no water, no powdered milk or pasteurised supermarket milk and no artificial colouring.
  • Goats Milk Soap is often recommended for people suffering from skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Acne. Our soap is gentle even on the most sensitive skin types.
  • Ellacoldi Soap contains natural ingredients and 100% farm fresh milk obtained from our own dairy goat herd.
  • Our creamy lather comes from our careful choice of skin nurturing oils.
  • In Australia, soap makers need to be registered with NICNAS to legally sell their handmade soap. Our registration number is 10006.


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